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My Works

Medicine Dance

Marsha Scarbrough's Medicine Dance is a moving and superbly told story of an ordinary woman learning to understand herself and the dynamics of her relationships with others. At another level, it is the story of an apprenticeship in ancient and sacred ways of healing and transformation.
As with all good teaching stories, while you are listening to the narrative, deep soul lessons tend to sneak right through the gates of your unconscious. So this is a spiritual health warning: after you read this book you might find yourself taking risks you never had the courage to take before.
Marian Van Eyk McCain, BSW, MA (East-West Psychology)
Author of Transformation Through Menopause(NY, Bergin & Garvey, 1991) and ELDERWOMAN: reap the wisdom, feel the power, embrace the Joy
(Scotland, Findhorn Press 2002)

Medicine Dance is a compelling teaching story of healing and transformation.
Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

A great book! Marsha Scarbrough was allowed the gift that most Caucasians are not afforded; that of participating in the sweat lodges, and ceremonial dance. It was fascinating to read of her experiences firsthand. I loved the author’s explanation of the ‘Fasting Dances,’ and the ‘Sun Moon Dance’ was utterly heart stopping.
Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin, www.spirit-works.net

Honey in the River

Marsha’s book is a deeply heartfelt journey into love, shamanism and human mysteries. She warmly takes us as her passengers, to spiritual and moral destinations that we could not experience without her courage to explore and share.
-- Pen Densham, Writer/Producer/Director, The Twilight Zone TV series, Outer Limits TV series, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Marsha Scarbrough’s painfully honest writing at once reveals stark truths and privation and revels in glorious erotic excess as she relives the blazing arc of her relationship across race, cultural norms and conventions. This true story merges reality with myth, the body with the soul, and the sexual with the spiritual to powerful effect.
-- Neil Besner, Author, Literary Critic, Editor

When a woman tells the truth about her life, the veils between the worlds open so that true love can be revealed. Marsha Scarbrough kept my heart open to receive her story, page after page. This book is about the gift of self love.
-- Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Author of Tripping the Bardo with Timothy Leary

Scarbrough shows us her scars. She bravely unwraps herself, offering us her history and her soul. We see the author for what she truly is: a beautiful human being, making light, seeking healing. Honey in the River helps us understand the complexities of social conditioning, and what can happen when we allow ourselves to experience and embrace both the human drama and universal mystery. Questions ensue.
-- Dr. Anya , Reiki Master, Relationship Coach, Author of Opening Love

Inside Breaking Bad

How Vince Gilligan created Walter White and sent him straight to Hell
In this uncut version of award-winning article on the writing of Breaking Bad, originally published in Written By magazine, Marsha interviews Vince Gilligan and his staff about the creation and writing process of the acclaimed series. Now a Kindle ebook!

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