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Readers Respond

My husband and I went to a powwow and bought the book Medicine Dance. Best book I have ever read! I just couldn't put it down. I have my husband reading it now. It is inspiring and made me look at life differently! Thanks!
--from Ontario, CA

I have just finished your book and was deeply moved by your honesty and provocative way of describing your journey with Joseph Rael. Thank you so much for writing it. There is such powerful wisdom in your words and the words that your teacher shared with you. I deeply resonate with it. I just devoured it over the past two days and it’s beautifully written.
--Mare Cromwell, author of If I gave you God’s phone number....Searching for Spirituality in America

Thank you so much for the offering of the true teaching that has touched my mind, body, spirit and soul as I read your book. Your life-story mirrors my story in so many ways, and I feel honored for the spiritual connection, inspiration and empowerment that I feel. I read the entire book this afternoon, and I am grateful, emotional, sad, happy and empowered all at the same time. Thank "YOU"! I know you understand when I say I do not have the words to describe what I feel in my heart.
--Debbie Miller, Ogdensburg, New York

I just read your book, actually devoured it within days, and wanted to tell you I loved it. And I love you even more. Thanks for you,
--Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D. www.channeledgrace.com

I just wanted to let you know that I was truly touched by your book. So many moments of shared reflections. Thank you.
--Karen Kaplan

I bought your book yesterday afternoon and finished it today. The book spoke volumes to me while reading it. I could relate to some of the feelings you expressed in your book so well, and I felt just about every emotion you can feel while reading it. I laughed out loud sometimes, and sometimes I cried. You have given me guidance in many areas of my life by sharing your experiences, and I am truly grateful for that.
--Vicki Jones

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. Your story is quite something- and well told! I have had a some powerful experiences with Native American practice, and sweatlodge, but nothing that comes close to what you took on and endured/survived. Whew!
--Betsy Rose, Singer/Songwriter

This is an incredible book! You are such a gifted storyteller. You not only artfully describe your own feelings and experiences, but you also have an incredible gift for putting hard-to-explain concepts into easy-to-understand words. It's remarkable. I've read a lot of books that would fit into this general category, but I've never read anything of this quality before. I am really in awe. (And truth be told, I am seldom in awe.)
--Katy Koontz

You had me hooked from the first page. From the moment I read “truth is fluid,” I knew I’d be quoting my new favorite author – Marsha! I enjoyed your book and will be telling everyone I know to run out and get their own copies. Thank you!
--Deanna Reynolds, CHTP, Life Coach/Author

I have just read, with great pleasure, your Medicine Dance book, dear Marsha!

When you read us the hummingbird excerpt at Crones Counsel, I knew I had to read it. The rest proved to be a passionate journey.

Your section about the hand and the meaning of the fingers resonated like a drum for me. It was something I needed to know. Thank you.

I also needed to remember that "we heal ourselves by giving thanks every day for our life...." And, that blaming others for what happens to me is futile and dangerous.

I have done sweatlodges before and your descriptions reminded me again of the wisdom that comes from that holy womb of darkness.

Thank you for your clear voice.

All my relations,
Alexa Aho West

Dear Marsha,

Thank you! What a journey, one that only you could experience and be present to all the phenomena within this emotional, mental and spiritual roller coaster ride. I sometimes ask the question as to what brings us to Crones Counsel for it truly is a unique group of women that attend gatherings. I then observe and listen and what I have found for many is the willingness to step into the fire of our own healing. For many of us, the expected mold of who we were to become, somewhere along the way got derailed because we just heard a different sound. From my experience, the greatest insights to self understanding have been when I have run into a wall (figuratively and literally).

Your journey is one that is shared on many different levels, dealing with the emotional as well as the practical of our parent’s illnesses and deaths, facing our own physical limitations and then realizing that we are the authors of our own lives. This is a huge shift when we look at self through this new set of eyeglasses. When we are open to that which is around us, we know each person is there by design and for growth. Your friends Phoebe, Joseph, the hummingbirds and countless others that have been part of your journey, make a great story! Drumming for three days and then hitting the pole at the Sun Moon Dance speaks of this commitment to self discovery and understanding. Wow!

Thank you!!!!!!

Sharon Hoery

what a huge gift to my heart you are providing.
the words were compelling through the reading, it was hard to sleep
and hard to leave the bed hard to leave the words.
the ongoing sense of experiential description that allowed me to
follow you, through new mexico, through college through the red mud
the dry heat, the sweet juice, the sensual touch, the deep heart scars
that heal in your communion with them.
i felt by the end the absolute perfection of receiving this book,
which would otherwise have been lost to me.
i know your experiences aren't mine, and i cannot live them as you
have, but i do feel that you have managed to express truths in such a
true way that they have impact in the reader, (in me!) and that
healing happens in this place.
--jo cobbett