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Events and Workshops:
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If you are considering moving to Spain, Marsha will share her experience and expertise via video chat consultation for $60 per hour.

Request an appointment at medicinedance@aol.com 


Drum Journey – Drumming induces trance. Playing or listening to sacred rhythms creates an altered state of consciousness. In this workshop, Marsha Scarbrough invites participants to experience this safe, natural, healthy high. She will teach drum journey technique and encourage participants to find their power animal. The power of group trance with positive intention will be discussed and demonstrated.

Gods and Goddesses of West Africa – In this workshop, Marsha introduces the orishas, deities in the mythology of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Orishas were actual historic persons who ascended to divine status after their deaths in the distant past, like Catholic saints, but each orisha also embodies the energy of a natural element. For example, Oshun, the orisha who represents the energy of love and eroticism, is a beautiful woman, but she is also the river. Orishas are also psychological archetypes. We all have all the orishas within us, although one may dominate our behavior. Marsha will describe the major orishas, share a chant for each one, lead the participants in orisha dances and create an altar honoring the orishas.

I Wo San – In this day-long workshop, Marsha explains the Ifa ritual of tasting the flavors of life and helps participants prepare offerings, sing chants, learn dances and simulate this joyous ceremony celebrating balance and the complexity of life. Wear white for the evening ceremony.

Medicine Dancing – In indigenous cultures, dance is not a performance but a meditation for the dancer. Marsha Scarbrough shares her experience of marathon dance fasts with Native American medicine teacher Beautiful Painted Arrow/Joseph Rael as described in her book Medicine Dance. Participants will learn to drum basic rhythms and be invited to experience dance as meditation. The goal is for participants to enter a group trance with the intention of creating personal healing and world peace. Bring drums and/or rattles. Ceremonial dress is appropriate.

Ancient Vibrations – Native American mystic Beautiful Painted Arrow/Joseph Rael teaches that everything is made up of vibration. By chanting sacred sounds, we can realign vibrations to create peace and healing. In this workshop, Marsha Scarbrough discusses these teachings, reveals the spiritual meaning of each vowel sound and leads participants in chants. The goal is to create positive vibrations for world peace and personal healing.

Still Moving – Marsha Scarbrough creates a free-expression dance experience for anyone over 50 especially those with limited mobility, physical and/or mental challenges. No dance experience or talent necessary. You can’t do it wrong! Gentle movements that respect each body’s unique needs are inspired by Roth 5Rhythms, Tai Chi and indigenous ceremony. Participants of all ages, levels of experience and physical abilities simply dance like no one is watching. There are no right or wrong steps. Dance becomes moving meditation for the dancer. In this safe sacred space, each participant finds personal healing in movement and stillness. Canes, crutches and walkers are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Fotografía Matriz Comunica Manny Mellizo Guazo 2019