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2022 National Federation of Press Women, First-Place Magazine Feature, Second-Place Personal Essay, at-large category

2016 New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest, First Place
2016 National Federation of Press Women, Honorable Mention
2015 USA Best Book Awards, Finalist
2015 New Mexico Book Awards, Finalist
2012 New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest, First Place
2009 Zia Award Honoree – New Mexico Press Women First Runner Up
2008 New Mexico Book Awards, Finalist
2007 and 2008 USA Books News National Best Books Awards, Finalist
Award of Excellence from Film Advisory Board.
Gold Award - National Association of Parenting Publications.
KIDS FIRST! Endorsement from Coalition for Quality Children’s Media
CLIO Nomination - retail television category.
Honorable Mention - National Retail Merchants Association/Radio Advertising Bureau radio advertising awards.
Mademoiselle Magazine College Guest Editor, guest feature editor

Magazine Articles

International Living -- Spain Correspondent 2019-2021

"A River Runs through Spain's Capital City", June 2022

"An Ocean-View Penthouse on the Costa del Sol for Less Than $219,000", https://internationalliving.com/an-ocean-view-penthouse-on-the-costa-del-sol-for-less-than-219000/, March 23, 2022

"Ancient Rome Lives On in Southern Spain", Globetrotter, February 2022

"Teamwork on Two Wheels, Running Cycle Tours in Spain", January 2022

"Art Flourishes in a Former Slaughterhouse", November 2021

"Five Places to Live in Spain, Two to Avoid", https://internationalliving.com/five-places-to-live-in-spain-two-to-avoid/, June 20, 2021

"Spanish Rentals from $722 a month", https://internationalliving.com/low-cost-monthly-rentals-in-madrid-spain/, June 18, 2021

"Two Beautiful Small Towns to Live in Spain", https://internationalliving.com/beautiful-small-towns-to-live-in-spain/, June 16, 2021

"The Best Places for Every Budget in Spain", https://internationalliving.com/the-best-places-for-every-budget-in-spain/, May 30, 2021

"Is Spain a Safe Place to Live?", https://internationalliving.com/is-spain-safe-qa/, May 22, 2021 

"Costa del Sol: Sun and Sea at One-Eighth the Cost of California", Cover Story, March 2021, First-Place 2022 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest, Magazine Feature, At-Large

"Not Every Knight Wears Armor, but the Spanish Caballero Lives On", The Last Word, February 2021, Second-Place 2022 National Federation of Press Women Communications Conteshttps://internationalliving.com/an-ocean-view-penthouse-on-the-costa-del-sol-for-less-than-219000/t, Personal Essay, At-Large

"Spain's Unknown Impressionist", February 2021

"Boots on the Ground: Costa del Sol", February 2021 

"Affordable Travel, New Friends", Globetrotter, January 2021

"A Single Woman Writes Her Own Story in Romantic Paris", September 2020

"Paleolithic Art's Sistine Chapel", September 2020

"Santander´s Botin Museum", August 2020

"Eight Days without English: A Deep Dive in Espanol", May 2020

"Spanish Visas and Residence: A Concise Guide", May 2020

"Expat Diary: What is Life like in Spain during Lockdown?" https://internationalliving.com/coronavirus-in-spain-expat-diary-qa/, March 23, 2020

"What are the Best Gay-Friendly Countries to Retire/Move to?" https://internationalliving.com/where-are-the-best-gay-friendly-countries-to-retire-move-to/?utm_source=push_notification&utm_medium=browser&utm_campaign=02022020-best-gay-friendly-countries, January 29, 2020

"Las Fallas: Spain's Most Fiery Fiesta" – Lifetime Society Communique, December 2019

"Retire to an Affordable, European Lifestyle in Sun-kissed Spain" 

https://internationalliving.com/countries/spain/retire/, June 2019

"Sola! Enjoying Life as a Single Woman in Madrid" -- Postcards, June 5, 2019

"All Singing, All Dancing: A Day and Night in Madrid" -- Expat Diary, June 2019

"The Best Teaching Opportunity in Europe Today" -- Fund Your Life Daily, May 5, 2019


"Teaching English in Madrid: Your Ticket to a Spanish Adventure" -- Fund Your Life Daily, May 2019


"Surrealism by the Sea in Spain" -- Lifetime Society Communique, April 2019 

"Exciting, Culture-filled Living in Spain's Sophisticated Capital" https://internationalliving.com/countries/spain/madrid-spain/, April 2019
"On the Beach in Berlin", March 2019
"A Tour Business in Spain's Most Vibrant City" -- Fund Your Life Daily, January 2019
"Mexico's Men who Fly to Earth", November 2018
"How Expats Can Beat the Banks (and Brokers)", September 2018
"Top 10 Things to do in Madrid" https://internationalliving.com/top-10-things-to-do-in-madrid/, June 2018
"A Quick Way to Jumpstart Your Spanish in Madrid", May 2018
"Trade Your English Skills for Free Stays Across Europe", April 2018
"Chocolate Heaven in Madrid", March 2018

The Savvy Retiree

"Expert Tips for Making a Great Virtual Impression", June 11, 2020


"I Earn Up to $3,000 a month Teaching English Online", March 4, 2020


"Creative Funding for an Early Retirement in France", October 2018

International Living’s Incomes Abroad
“Get Paid to Guide Tourists on the Camino, Spain’s Ancient Pilgrim Trail”, https://internationalliving.com/get-paid-to-guide-tourists-through-spains-ancient-pilgrim-trail-fyl/?utm_source=push_notification&utm_medium=browser&utm_campaign=22072018-tour-guide&utm_content=fylo, July 2018

The Journal of Shamanic Practice
“The Tastes of Life Ceremony”, https://shamanicpractice.org/article/the-tastes-of-life-ceremony/, October 20, 2016

Sacred Hoop

"Can the Orishas Heal Racial Injustice?", Issue 115, 2022

“Meeting the Orishas”, Issue 89, 2015

Shaman's Drum: A Journal of Experiential Shamanism and Spiritual Healing
"Beautiful Painted Arrow's Sun Moon Dance", Number 79, 2009

TV Guide
“Lifetime’s Georgia O’Keefe”, September 16, 2009
“Haiyaaa!”, Insider, November 17-23, 2001

TV Guide Ultimate Cable
“Agents of Change”, August 3-9, 2002
“Haiyaaa!”, November 17-23, 2001
“Time and Again”, Insider column, August 19-25, 2000

Natural Home & Garden Magazine
“Water-Wise Oasis”, September/October 2005
“From Eyesore to Enchantment”, July/August 2005
“Three Fabulous Eco-Kitchens”, May/June 2005
“Curves & Color”, cover story, July/August 2004
“Spiral Dynamics”, cover story, November/December 2003
“The Organic Girl”, September/October 2003
“Through the Lens”, July/August 2003
“Building Global Villages”, July/August 2003
“Community in the Desert”, May/June 2003
“Organically Grown”, cover story, November/December 2002
“Good Works: House Music”, May/June 2002
“The Right Path”, November/December 2001

Millimeter: The Magazine of Film and Television Production
“Extreme Hours: Film Professionals on Hollywood’s Dark Side”, October/November 2006
“Off-Off Sundance: Confessions of a Film Festival Juror”, January 2001
“Clips: Low Budget Profits”, January 2001
“Give and Take: Is Unpaid Labor Sweat Equity or Exploitation?”, November 2000
“Fear and Loathing on the Low Budget Trail”, November 1999
“Leaping Over the Line”, April 1999
“Short Days on Fight Club”, January 1999
“Eight Hours for Hollywood?”, cover story, September 1998

Written By: The Magazine of The Writer’s Guild of America, west - Contributing Editor 1998-2011
"Do Inhale: Mr. Chips Goes to Hell...How they make Breaking Bad hurt so good", Summer 2011 - First Place Winner, 2012 New Mexico Press Women Award for National Magazine article
"Hit and Run", October 2008 - New Mexico Press Women Award
“Tormentum Vigilae”, May 2006
“Livewood: Police Drama as Spiritual Path”, May 2005
“Prime Crime Writer”, May 2005
“Where Pilots Go to Thrive”, Summer 2004
“The Flying Typers”, May 2004
“Family Values”, April 2004
“The Game of Life”, September/October 2003
“Fish Finds His Voice” cover story, March 2003
“You Say You Want a Resolution”, February 2003
“Geek-Men Rule”, November 2002
“The Amazing Superwriter!”, November 2002
“Table Manners”, November 2002
“In Full Bloom”, cover story, October 2002
“One Step Ahead of the FBI”, September 2002
“Healing Humor”, April 2002
“Tuesdays with Lester”, April 2002
“Women on Top”, October 2001
“Who’s Will? Who’s Grace?”, September 2001
“Four Words of Wisdom”, September 2001
“PBS Reinvents the Future”, September 2001
“A New Musement”, August 2001
“Word Warrior: Writer as Martial Artist”, August 2001
“In with the Out Crowd”, May 2001
“Recipe for Soul Food”, April 2001
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Story”, April 2001
“Have Laptop, Will Travel”, April 2001
“You be Judge. I’ll be Juror.”, March 2001
“Saving the World through Soap Operas”, November 2000
“Rock Rolls: They Gave at the Office”, cover story, September 2000
“Writing with Jive”, September 2000
“Any Way Now”, September 2000
“The Opposite of Straight”, June/July 2000
“And God Created Woman”, April 2000
“A Writer’s Guide to Surviving Hard Times”, December 1999/January 2000
“For A Good Time, Write Sex and The City”, October 1999
“Birth of a Salesman”, October 1999
“Outrageous Ms. Fortune: The Leslie Dixon Affair”, cover story, August 1999
“Words Into Pictures ’99: Meetings by the Sea”, August 1999
“Everyone Loves Everybody”, cover story, May 1999
“It’s Alive! Horror: The Genre That Wouldn’t Die”, cover story, October 1998
“Fall TV Preview”, September 1998
“Field of Dreams: Pitching in the Big Leagues”, July 98, “Maggie” award nominee
“It Takes Two: The Write Relationship”, April 1998
“Show Me The Money! The Writer’s Fair Share of the Merchandise”, December 1997/January 1998
“Courting The Disaster Genre”, July 1997
“Everything Old is New Again. What’s Happened to Originality in Hollywood?”, May 1997

Body + Soul formerly New Age Journal
“Walking the Talk – Marsha Mason: Organic Herb Farmer”, March/April 2002
“Fashioning a Future for the Huichols”, March/April 2001
“Out of Africa: New Ancient Wisdom”, January 1999


"Costa del Sol: Sun and Sea at One-Eighth the Cost of California" (393 KB)

International Living magazine, Cover Story, March 2021

First-Place 2022 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest, Magazine Feature, At-Large Category

"Not Every Knight Wears Armor, but the Spanish Caballero Lives On" (129 KB)

International Living magazine --The Last Word, February 2021

Second-Place 2022 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest, Personal Essay, At-Large Category

"Trade Your English Skills for Free Stays Across Europe" (313 KB)

International Living magazine, April 2018

"Do Inhale: Mr. Chips Goes to Hell...How they make Breaking Bad hurt so good" (3.39 MB)

Written By: Magazine of the Writers Guild of America, west, Summer 2011 - First Place Winner, 2012 New Mexico Press Women Award for National Magazine article

On-Camera Reports