Marsha Scarbrough

Publication date: May 29, 2015

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Medicine Dance is a compelling teaching story of healing and transformation. Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

"The Magic of Martial Arts: Power Without Violence is outstanding in production values, and in bringing such a great message to everyone -- that of power without violence, with great lessons in self-control -- both emotional and physical. A 'must see' for children. Entertaining and inspirational." Elayne Blythe, president, Film Advisory Board

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Honey in the River
Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality

Inside Breaking Bad
How Vince Gilligan created Walter White and sent him straight to Hell

Medicine Dance
Prompted by a bad mammogram, Marsha Scarbrough, a middle-aged divorcee with a downhill career in film production, sought healing from Native American mystic Joseph Rael, also known as "Beautiful Painted Arrow".

The amazing result of his treatment inspired Marsha to begin an apprenticeship in this ancient tradition. In her engaging narrative memoir, Marsha shares the wisdom gained from her experiential participation in Native American shamanism and illustrates the relevance of its ancient teachings to contemporary life.

Though the "lessons" of Medicine Dance have similarities to the material presented by Don Miguel Ruiz, Carlos Castaneda and Lynn Andrews, they are embedded in a fast-paced narrative memoir that covers the ground of ordinary life- relationships, co-dependency, work and health problems. Marsha's story proves that if she can walk this path, anyone can.

The Magic of Martial Arts
Teaches children how to use karate…and when NOT to use it! “Master Eastwest”, a magical martial artist, shows children how to defend themselves from harm…but first he asks them to promise that they will only use karate when a life is in danger.

Three powerful sing-along songs encourage solving problems peacefully…by walking away from trouble, controlling anger and feeling like a winner inside.

Running time: 30 minutes
For ages 4 to 9

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Selected Works

Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality
One woman's healing journey into the world of Native American sweatlodges, drumming meditations and dance fasts
Kindle Book
Kindle edition of uncut version award-winning article originally published in Written By magazine.
Children's DVD
Magic tricks, comedy and music mix with interactive self-defense instruction.
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