Marsha Scarbrough

Marsha Scarbrough

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New Mexico Press Women have honored Marsha's first book as First Runner Up for the 2009 Zia Award. Medicine Dance is also a finalist in the USA Book News National 2007 and 2008 "Best Books" Awards and the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards!

One woman’s healing journey into the world of Native American sweatlodges, drumming meditations and dance fasts

2007 and 2008!

Medicine Dance is just fabulous. I couldn't put it down. Rarely have I read anything that gets as close to the whole truth about health, disease and relationships. Christiane Northrup, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Thank you National Federation of Press Women!

Thank you New Mexico Press Women!

Honey in the River
wins First Place in
2016 New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest!
Biography or Autobiography category

Honey in the River
awarded Honorable Mention
in National Federation of Press Women
2016 Professional Communications Contest!

USA Best Book Awards
Honey in the River
as a Finalist in the Autobiography/​Memoirs category

2015 New Mexico Book Awards
Honey in the River
a Finalist in the biography category

Honey in the River
Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality

Single White Female falls in love with a polygamous West African shaman. During their 12-year intimate relationship, she studies and embraces his indigenous spirituality.

Marsha Scarbrough’s sexy, stormy, spiritual memoir of that romance, Honey in the River, explores the contemporary relevance of ancient African wisdom teachings. Scarbrough weaves the mythology and metaphysics of Ifa, the indigenous religion of the Yoruba people of West Africa, throughout her fast-paced tale which combines spiritual text with descriptions of her experiences in rhythm, dance and deep trance. As she blends archetypal drama and epic soap opera, the author reveals and befriends her personal shadow.

In Honey in the River, Scarbrough introduces readers to the orishas, the deities of Ifa who represent the natural elements. The liaisons, betrayals and tragedies that she recounts in the orisha myths parallel the twists and turns of her personal story.

Music, which is central to Ifa healing, adds another level of experience to Honey in the River. Chants, rhythms and orisha songs discussed in the text are available to readers as the Honey in the River Soundtrack on itunes, Amazon music and CD Baby websites.

Honey in the River was published by Changemakers Books, on May 29, 2015, http:/​/​, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd., http:/​/​

Marsha Scarbrough, author of Medicine Dance: One woman’s healing journey into the world of Native American sweatlodges, drumming meditations and dance fasts (also published by Changemakers Books), is a widely-published journalist with experiential training in dance therapy, Buddhism, and martial arts as well as Native American and West African spirituality. She worked in film production for major feature films and prime time television for almost 20 years. Marsha currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Review copies of Honey in the River are available on request.
ISBN: 978-1-78279-948-1 (Paperback) £11.99 $19.95
EISBN: 978-1-78279-949-8 (eBook) £6.99 $9.99

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About the author

Marsha Scarbrough, author of Honey in the River: Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality, is a freelance journalist, who has had over 75 articles published in national magazines such as TV Guide, Body & Soul, Natural Home & Garden and Millimeter: The Motion Picture and Television Production Magazine. As a contributing editor for Written By: The Magazine of the Writers Guild of America, west, Marsha interviewed Hollywood’s most prominent screen and television writers.

Her first book, Medicine Dance: One woman’s healing journey into the world of Native American sweatlodges, drumming meditations and dance fasts, published in August 2007 by John Hunt Publishing, was named First Runner Up for the 2009 Zia Award by New Mexico Press Women as well as a finalist in USA Book News National 2007 and 2008 “Best Books” Awards and the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards.

As a graduate of the Directors Guild of America’s prestigious Assistant Directors Training Program, Marsha spent 17 years scheduling, planning and running the sets of major feature films, prime time television series, movies of the week and network sitcoms. She has handled logistics, organization and administration for various directors including Clint Eastwood, Leonard Nimoy, Blake Edwards and Carl Reiner.

Marsha wrote, produced and directed the award-winning children’s video, The Magic of Martial Arts, which has been honored with the Gold Award from the National Association of Parenting Publications, the Award of Excellence from Film Advisory Board and the KIDS FIRST! endorsement from the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media.

As an undergraduate at the University of Southern California School of Journalism, Marsha Scarbrough was named Guest Feature Editor of Mademoiselle Magazine, an honor that included travel to New York City and Peru.

Along the way, Marsha traveled with Buddhist teacher Joan Halifax, danced with movement guru Gabrielle Roth, earned a brown belt in karate from martial arts legend Tak Kubota, participated in Native American healing ceremonies and produced workshops for a Nigerian master drummer.

In 2006, Marsha moved from her native Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 2010, Marsha has spent her summers teaching English to speakers of other languages at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. For more about Marsha, visit her website

Proud to be honored by the New Mexico Book Association!

Early in her book, Medicine Dance, Marsha Scarbrough says, "Native American tradition requires that healers somehow bridge two worlds." After reading the book, it is clear that Scarbrough is something of a bridge herself. Her writing, to use one of her words, "concretized" rituals, meditative states and inner transformation--bridging spiritual and mental awareness. Her pared-down writing style feels like years of work crystallized into this solid nugget of a book.
--Kathleen Sloan for The Sierra County Sentinel

Selected Works

Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality
One woman's healing journey into the world of Native American sweatlodges, drumming meditations and dance fasts
Kindle Book
Kindle edition of uncut version award-winning article originally published in Written By magazine.
Children's DVD
Magic tricks, comedy and music mix with interactive self-defense instruction.
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