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Absolutely Brilliant! I really want to congratulate you for an excellent video! The Magic of Martial Arts is presented in an interesting and entertaining way. My kids here in South Africa love it. The production shows what karate really is – that it is more than just punching and kicking – it’s an art, a way of living. It’s a pity the video is so short. You just find yourself getting into the mood of things and then it’s all over, but that’s the hallmark of an excellent production.” (Neville Randall, Nylstroom, South Africa)

The Magic of Martial Arts DVD

“Master Eastwest mixes jokes, magic and karate, all the time emphasizing peaceful problem-solving. The first move he demonstrates is running away from trouble—and then he goes on to teach basic karate stances, moves and defense techniques. Great fun!” (Martha Dewing and Mary Turck, L.A. Parent Magazine)

“An extraordinary teaching tool for 4-12 year old viewers, couched in sensible-yet-humorous examples by multi-ethnic young students of karate, and a masterful, magical master demonstrating basic defense techniques, with expositive song and dance.” (Children’s Video Review Newsletter)

“Parents will appreciate this martial arts video which emphasizes the meditative, non-violent elements of karate. Kids will love the musical karate numbers, futuristic sets, magic tricks and gentle humor of martial artist Master Eastwest. Stressing the importance of avoiding combat instead of using fighting as a first defense, Master Eastwest teaches a group of enthusiastic youngsters the fundamentals of karate moves, including blocking, kicking and punching. Promising from the get-go not to use karate unless a life is in danger, these budding martial artists learn techniques for controlling anger and frustration, as well as getting out of threatening situations. Bits of karate history, realistic enactments and singable songs make for a well-rounded engaging introduction to self-defense.” (Children Magazine)

“***Kudos! Created as an antidote to Power Rangers, The Magic of Martial Arts promotes three valuable themes in addition to teaching a few karate basics. As explained by Master Eastwest, the important elements of martial arts are as much mental as physical. He instructs young students in the video to walk away from trouble, control their anger and feel good about themselves. Karate is to be used as a last resort. His instruction techniques include songs and dramatic encounters with bad guys. The film moves along quickly, spiced with Master Eastwest’s magic tricks, a few special effects and some bouncy music. The Magic of Martial Arts provides young viewers with an appealing introduction to the philosophy and technique of karate.” (Children’s Video Report, Vol. II, No. 1)

“Entertaining, well-produced, many positive messages. Great music. Good diversity.” (Coalition for Quality Children’s Media website

Running time: 30 minutes
For ages 4 to 9

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Children's DVD
Magic tricks, comedy and music mix with interactive self-defense instruction.
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